Ground Anchors for retaining of deep excavations

 Ground Anchors at prescribed angle with Horizontal plan are installed using Anchoring Machine, drilling specified depth, placing anchor, grouting and subsequent stressing upto designed limits.
  • Anchors in Single Layer
  • Anchors in Multiple Layer

Pile Load Tests in Congested Areas

System is now being widely used on various project sites for testing of Piles. More suitable for crowded or congested areas where conventional system is not accessible. System may be adopted based on magnitude of load or capacity of pile to be tested.
  • By installation of single crown of designed capacity
  • By installation of successive crowns one over the other side for mega load tests
  • By installation of reaction beams for uplift and compression load tests.

Our Valued Projects

 Main Recently completed projects
  • Project : 3B+G+8+Gym Building
    Location : Al Barsha 1st, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+1P+18.
    Location : Jumeirah Village
  • Project : Load Test
    Location : Al-Barsha, Dubai
  • Project : 3B+G+1P+13
    Location : Al-Barsh 1st , Dubai
  • Project : Load Test
    Location : Jumeirah Village, Dubai
  • Project : Marriot Beach Hotel
    Location : Corniche Road, Ajman
  • Project : 2B+G+Serv Floor +30Typ+Roof
    Location : Al-Nadha, Sharjah
  • Project : 4B+G+12
    Location : Al-Barsha First, Dubai
  • Project : G+6P+40+Typ+HC
    Location : Al Helio 3, Ajman
  • Project : Load Test
    Location : Al Garhoud, Dubai

Main on- going Projects.

  • Project : 2B+G+9
    Location : Al Barsha, Dubai
  • Project : Load Test
    Location : Health Care City, Dubai
  • Project : Murrur Mixed Use Complex
    Location : Al Sawan, Ajman
  • Project : Al Fanar Tower Building
    Location : Business Bay, Dubai
  • Project : 3B+G+25
    Location : Health Care City, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+4
    Location : Al-Qusais, Dubai
  • Project : 4B+G+12
    Location : Al-Barsha First, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+5
    Location : Dubai Media City, Dubai
  • Project : B+G+M+5P+6 Off+22 Res
    Location : Al-Musherriff, Ajman


Time tested and highly sophisticated machines and equipments have been procured for quality execution. In house designs are evolved keeping in view the project requirements and the inputs supplied for specific job. Data records are generated and preserved for cross checking the results achieved.
  • Anchoring Machinery
  • Multi Strand Stressing Jacks
  • Mono Strand Stressing Jacks
  • Grout Pump
  • Mixing Unit
  • Anchor Heads / Plates
  • ……….Wedges
  • Strand Wire
  • Grout Pipes
  • Crown